Monday February 6, 2023 saw the close to another Focus Conference from Essentially Women in Clearwater, FL.  In Second To Nature’s continuing effort to stay up to date and as informed as possible, the staff had the privilege to attend the conference and it’s education sessions.  The Focus conference serves to keep its attendees up to date on all aspects of the industry.  

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One of this year’s highlights was during Sunday morning’s session dealing with “Patient’s Perspective and Patient Experience”.  Whether you’ve been a mastectomy fitter for 3 weeks or 30 years, this session provided an opportunity to reflect on the patient’s perspective as she’s coming to visit for the first time.  As mastectomy fitters, the opportunity to come together with our peers to share these experiences and knowledge and to help strengthen our business and provide the highest level of support for the women we serve in our communities is priceless.  

Some of the learning objectives for this session: 

– Relate to the patient as they are coming to the mastectomy boutique.  Whether it’s after a new diagnosis, prior to surgery, or years later for their resupply items. 
– Understand patients may not be feeling well and may have anxieties and may not verbalize their feelings.
– Identify best practices that will set your boutique apart to offer next-level care and service. 

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Our focus here at Second To Nature has always been on you, our patients.  No one fights alone.  Thank you to the EW group and the hard work you put forth every year to put on this valuable program.  We look forward to many more to come.