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Mastectomy Products


Helping you regain Balance, Symmetry and Comfort


Largest selection of mastectomy bras



  • A properly fitted bra is essential in achieving balance after breast surgery.
  • We carry a large selection of post mastectomy bras in a variety of sizes and styles.




  • We have a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles, we are certain to find that right fit for you.
  • Ranging from light weight foam, standard silicone to a custom Radiant Impression duplicate

What we do!

Second to Nature specializes in recreating a natural silhouette for women with breast unevenness following breast surgery or uneven development.

Second to Nature was established in 1997 and is dedicated to restoring symmetry, comfort and balance to those effected by cancer


Seasonal Items

Updated twice a year with limited release items, giving you something fresh to add to your collection!


Pocketed bras, specially designed to hold a prosthesis are stylish with and without the prosthesis. Get the help of a certified fitter to help you pick out your new favorite bra!

Radiant Impressions

Custom Breast Prosthesis scans your existing breast and duplicated the look in a bra. The most natural looking prosthesis, and covered by some insurance companies

Our Favorites

Take a look at some of our favorite after surgery fashions, and here’s why we like them!

ABC 525

We love it because of the smooth fit and comfortible fabric

Valletta Camisoles

Made of modal, extremely soft and still supportive with a built in bra

Amoena Silicone Form

Radiant Impressions

Custom made for you