The Radiant Impressions Custom Breast Prosthesis is artfully sculpted and hand-made to contour to your body and replicate the shape of your natural breast or your prosthesis in your bra. We use this 3D imaging technology as shown above, to take a scan of you wearing your bra – to show what your natural breast looks like in your bra (for single side patients) or what shape your prostheses are in the bra (for bilateral). We take a second scan of your chest wall so that the custom form fits the contour of your body. The scans are sent to Trulife and used to hand-make your custom breast prosthesis!

Made with a unique silicone foam core – which is durable, lightweight, breathable and cool – the custom breast prosthesis is more comfortable and lighter to wear than traditional breast forms. Customized with a choice of over 30 colors to choose skin tone and areola color from, the Radiant Impression looks and feels more natural than any other prosthesis.

Ideal for mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstruction. Radiant Impressions are versatile for daily wear, exercise and swimming. The Radiant Impressions custom breast form works best in the style of bra you are scanned in; however, because it fits against your chest wall, you do not have to wear a pocketed bra. 

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Q:        What is a Radiant Impressions custom breast prosthesis made of?

A:        100% medical grade silicone.

Q:        How long after my surgery should I wait to be scanned for a Radiant Impressions?

A:        Your surgical site changes significantly during the first year so it is recommended that you wait until your chest wall is completely healed and all swelling has subsided.

Q:        How long do I have to wait for my custom breast prosthesis to be made?

A:        Approximately 4-6 weeks.

Q:        How long will my custom breast prosthesis last?

A:        Only the highest quality materials are used in making a Radiant Impressions Custom Prosthesis. With proper care, you can expect your prosthesis to last several years. However, with a change in the natural breast or change in the chest wall, weight gain or loss, the fit of the custom prosthesis may change. If these changes occur, you may be eligible for a new custom prosthesis. It is recommended that the fit of any prosthesis be checked once a year to ensure a proper fit is maintained.

Q:        What is the cost of a custom breast prosthesis?

A:        Radiant Impressions is covered by most private insurance companies with a letter of medical necessity from your physician. Call the retailer in your area to learn about your specific insurance plan.