This is our third week with meeting the Second to Nature team! Meet Nathan Juchter, he is an Office Assistant and heads up taking care of our website, designing some of our marketing material, and verifying insurance benefits. What lead Nathan to become a team member at Second to Nature? We ask him:

Q: How long have you been working with Second to Nature Boutique? 
A: I believe that this fall I’ll be hitting three years

Q: What led you to this?
A: So it may sound strange, but my idea of what I’d do growing up, involved building custom computer gaming rigs. But after high school I got a two year degree in automotive repair. I didn’t feel happy in that field because rather than helping people get back on their feet, you were told to recommend things the customer didn’t need. I ended up marrying the girl of my dreams and she was working at a place that helps people; Second to Nature. I applied and was hired.

Q: What are some of your favorite aspects about the position?
A: So I do the website design and marketing materials. My goal is to make sure that every lady affected by breast surgery knows what we do and that we are there for them. I am delighted when I hear my coworkers relate a story about how they just helped someone who had been uncomfortable for so long and only found out about us because they saw our website or an ad. I also really like my co-workers, they have been supportive since day one. When I was slightly uncomfortable working in place that has bras everywhere, one of the co-owners simply brushed it off and said “it’s part of the job”, and also another time when I didn’t know Quickbooks he said “A blank slate, that’s fine. We’ll train you right”. Truly I feel like part of a team that’s empowered to help people.

Q: When not serving patients at Second to Nature, what do you enjoy doing? 
A: Being active religiously plays a big part in my life (Mt 5:3), but in regards to my hobby’s, I enjoy spending time with all four pets and my wife. I enjoy all things science fiction, I really like playing board game with my wife and friends, and am currently working on getting all the parts together for a mobile Virtual Reality gaming laptop 🙂