10:30 AM Sunday November 6, 2022. 

It was a windy morning but overall pleasant day.  It was time to begin setting up for the Greensboro Women’s 5K.  This year’s 5K was held the first week in November after having to be rescheduled from October 1 due to Hurricane Ian.  The sponsors and vendors were all present to begin setting up.  It was a successful event overall.  The Second To Nature crew consisted of Ramona, Tina, Lisa and Mark.  And we are always happy when Tina’s Mother, Brenda shows up to assist and keep a smile on everybody’s face.  Thank you to Dr. Dillingham’s people for taking the extra time to stop by and visit with us.

We were happy to present the event with a gift basket that was ultimately awarded to the winner of the 70 and up group.  

 We would like to send out our thanks once again to Cheryl Angel for helping put together another successful Women’s 5K and look forward to being there in full attendance again next year.  See you then!