Information on Second to Nature and the quarantine.

Updated May 12:


At this time during the pandemic we are doing in person visits by appointment only. We are still working through the phone to consult and help you get new supplies, but if that isn’t an option we can schedule you an appointment. If you make an appointment, we will have you call when you arrive in the parking lot. We request you stay in your car and we will take your temperature. We will ask you some questions the CDC recommends that medical facilities are asking as well. We have a consent form to sign agreeing to be fit in person during this pandemic, since there are risks associated with being in public.

On our part, masks are a requirement for certified fitter and their client. Our fitters also wears gloves. We will take you directly to a sanitized fitting room and have several containers of sanitizer placed through the store and available to use. Our robes will be washed and cleaned after each use. We will work to be as contactless as possible and bring the items into the fitting room for you to try with our certified fitter present and advising. We request that any friends or family support you by staying in the car unless prior arrangements are made. 

These adjustments may be stressful to some, but please remember, we are in this together and during this process we are working our hardest to give to ourselves to our community and be there for you, and above all, put your health first.