Amoena Contact Multi 237


Another choice. Another solution. An attachable solution for breast forms.

Features & Benefits:

  • The Contact Multi pad is made of a soft, strong silicone with adhesive on both sides — one side securely adheres to a symmetrical breast form (even one with a gel back layer); the other to a woman's chest wall.
  • The pad is easy to apply, wear and remove — giving women a new attachable solution and the freedom to choose.
  • Wearing a breast form attached has been known to give women a feeling of less weight and more flexibility with clothing options.
  • The Contact Multi pad requires a clean chest wall for the best adhesion. Daily cleaning is necessary using the Amoena Soft Cleanser and Soft Brush provided.
  • Packaged with a microfiber drying cloth, one 30ml Amoena Soft Cleanser, and one Soft Brush.


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