Prairie Wear Hugger Bra Extender

Need More Room?

The Extender, a separately purchased placket that easily zips into your Hugger, is designed to - literally - give you some breathing space while maintaining excellent compression.

Great for sleeping or to moderate the full compression of your Hugger - particularly when you wear it 24/7.

We have also found that some Hugger wearer's choose to add an Extender if they have more breast tissue or to moderate the full compression of the Hugger during extended recovery times.

  • Extends – this separately purchased optional placket is designed to “extend” the size of your Hugger, hence the super catchy name “The Extender”.
  • Easy Install – zips right into your Hugger zipper hardware.
  • Antibacterial Yarn – made with the same quality materials as your Hugger.
  • Breathing Space – moderates the full compression of your Hugger while maintaining excellent compression which can be great for some folks, particularly when you are wearing your Hugger 24/7 for extended periods.

Available in 2 sizes and both black and beige. 

S/M Beige
L/XL/2XL Beige
S/M Black
L/XL/2XL Black


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