Prairie Wear Hugger Bra

Feel Better. Get Better.

High-tech, versatile post surgical compression & active recovery bra and binder:

  • Seamless Weave, Underwire Free Technology
  • Versatile Breast Form Pocket
  • Easy Front Lock-Zip
  • Targeted Compression
  • Comfortable & Breathable
  • Antibacterial

Comfortable: Use your Hugger 24/7 post surgically or just for every day living and exercise. In addition to lots of every day life usage, our Huggers have been worn for post-surgical physical therapy; low impact exercise like yoga and walking ; high impact exercise like cross fit and running. 

Anti-Bacterial: The high performance yarn used to make your Hugger effectively reduces the growth of bacteria (found most commonly in human perspiration) with 99.9% effectiveness, tested up to 50 washes. Now, what makes the yarn antibacterial? An antibacterial additive is actually embedded into the fiber (not added or coated onto a finished garment) so the yarn retains it's bacteria fighting properties through numerous washes.

Washing: You can wear your Hugger 24/7 for extended periods of time (tested up to 19 days) without washing it. We recommend washing your Hugger as little or as much as you feel you need to. Keep in mind, the antibacterial, high performance yarn in your Hugger will keep your Hugger smelling and feeling fresh so no need to wash excessively. Just drop your Hugger into your washing machine with like colors and wash on a cold cycle, to keep your Hugger working optimally, do not use fabric softeners or bleach.

Seamless Technology: High-tech “seamless technology” (that means they knit the whole garment on a circular knit machine) ensures that there are no seams to create friction points against the skin, making the Hugger smooth and soft to wear.

Targeted Compression: Made of two-level compression knits so that the band (about the bottom 2,5cm of the bodice) is a rib knit for comfort and the main chest and back centre panels are a high compression knit for support and to ensure boobs stay above the band, are not pinched by it, and still have good definition.

Breathability: Above the breast, over the shoulders and along the top of the back you will find a third type of knit – perforated for breathability to moderate your body heat as much as possible while your Hugger is working hard on compression.

We want your Hugger to help you feel better so that you get better. 



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