Shower Shirt


A post-surgical, water resistant garment designed to protect chest surgery patients, including mastectomy, hemodialysis, cardiac, lung, hernia, rotator cuff, neuro-stimulation, and external defibrillator patients from water while showering.

Why use the Shower Shirt? 

Reduce the risk of infection from water-borne bacteria. Surgical drains and ports can act as portals for water-borne bacteria to enter wound sites, increasing the risk of infection. Physicians routinely instruct patients Not to shower without protecting drains and ports from water. 

Color: Black, White

Size: S/M, L/XL, 2X/4X

Note: The Shower Shirt will provide better protection for patients by leaning forward to wash hair while in the shower. DO NOT immerse the top portion of the body in the water while in the bath; keep the level of water no higher than the bottom of the Shower Shirt.

Please be mindful to try the product on over clothing if you are unsure about the sizing. Any products that appear to have been used will NOT be allowed for returns. 

S/M White
S/M Black
L/XL White
L/XL Black
2X/4X White
2X/4X Black


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